It is amazing that many don’t know much about the Bee as an insect as well as Honey. The Bee (Oyin) is an amazing insect that is capable of stinging one with its buttock. Its faeces are what is regarded as Honey (Oyin-ìgàn). The Bee and the Termite (Ikán) are insects that build their nests with liquid substance in their mouth, this made their houses to be impenetrable to any external forces.

Honey is a natural gift for mankind from time immemorial. It is a sweet substance that is produced by bees. Despite the sweetness of this substance, the Yorùbás has developed amazing uses for this substance (medicinal use). Below are the few medicinal uses of this substance.

1. For curing Tuberculosis: 

Grind alligator pepper, garlic, salt and bitter kola with Original honey. Put these ingredients in a bottle and take it thrice daily.

2. For curing Ulcer: 

Drink a teaspoon of original honey one hour before taking your food in the morning.

3. For curing menstrual cycle disturbance: 

Grind garlic and mix it with lime water and original honey. Take three spoons of this mixture thrice in a day.

4. Blood Tonic:

 Mix lime water with egg albumen and original honey. Take four spoons of this mixture thrice in a day.

5. For a Cough:

 Grind bitter kola and pour it into original honey. Take one teaspoon every three hours of the day daily.

6. Semen Boost:

Mix an egg albumen with five teaspoons of original honey. Take in the mixture at once.

7. Weak erection:

Cook unripe plantain and use the original honey as oil to eat the plantain.

8. Hypertension:

Mix grinded garlic with original honey and use three spoons in the morning at night.

9. For Pile:

Mix scent leaf (Efirin) with lime water and original honey. Take three spoons in the morning and night.

10. Sleepless night:

Always take in original honey at night before sleeping Drink two spoon every night.

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